Welcome to CoLo Café!


Why we're different

At CoLo Cafe we're in the business of facilitating valuable business, personal and cultural CONNECTIONS.

Our Vision 
  • Other shared work space models are cold and sterile.
  • CoLo Cafe is a dynamic, vibrant COMMUNITY of entrepreneurs, and business people.
  • CoLo Cafe is provides "co-location" space for people - connecting dots, building bridges & fostering relationships.
  • We are the regional Meet-Me Place for enterprises, small business, and regional organizations of any type.

At CoLo Cafe, we are in the business of facilitating valuable business, personal and cultural connections. Our goal is to be much more than a traditional coworking space or a cafe and bar. We want to build a community around our space and gives our customers a place they want to be at.

At CoLo Cafe, we provide services to budding and established professionals, students and community members looking to cowork in a space that offers teleworking, networking, skill development and creative leisure activities. Individuals at CoLo Cafe can lead a possible work day that includes the use of their own private office space and reserved conference spaces, coffee and available spirits from seasoned baristas and mixologists and access to our fitness studio, relaxation room, movie room and event rooms for seminar and event opportunities.

Member Amenities

Collaboration Areas

Private Offices

Free Wifi

Enterprise Printers

Soundproof Booths

Conference Rooms

Coffee Lounge And Bar

Daily/monthly Membership

Relaxation Room

Movie Room

Event Room Options

Mail & Package Delivery

Fitness Center

Teaching Kitchen

Multipurpose Rooms

About Us

Our name

CoLo is short for colocation. A colocation is a datacenter where customers can rent server space, power, cooling and bandwidth from the business offering the colocation space. These spaces facilitate a marketplace and encourage collaboration between businesses to learn from and work with one another.

Co-locate Perks

  • Daily happy hours
  • Cooking demos and classes
  • Sleep pods
  • Movie theater

Why have we created this space?

At Colo Cafe, we strive to create a colocation space on a personal level. We know that a great work climate comes from creating a motivating work environment. We utilized this idea in developing the unique layout for our space, providing areas that encourage customers to rest and recharge after long work sessions through on-site amenities. We encourage self-care to elevate your creativity and working ability. What better way than through conversation over espresso or an Old-Fashioned with local co-workers?



The first 50 members signing up will receive a 15% discount during their first year of membership.

Resident Membership

  • 24/7 access access to common space and amenities
  • Individual pass
  • Free use of the conference rooms (30 minutes - 2 hours)
  • Free coffee and water
Nomad Membership

  • Flexible access to common space and amenities
  • Free use of conference rooms (30 minutes - 2 hours)
  • Free coffee and water
Event Space
$300/day for small event room
$600/day for large event room

*Please use our contact form when requesting multiple days

  • Unlimited wifi
  • Seating, tables, projector and sound system available
  • Free coffee and water
Office Rooms

Monthly access:
1 person - $750
2 person - $1200
4 person - $2200
6 person - $3000

  • Private rooms at 24-hour maximum time slots for user access
  • Provided on first come, first serve basis
  • Free use of conference rooms (30 minutes - 2 hours)
  • Free coffee and water



Reach out to us to ask questions, share your ideas on amenities or events you’d like to see in our space,
or to schedule a tour of CoLo Café. Our team is committed to responding to your message within 24 hours.”

Business Details:

Business Address:
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Email: info@colocafe.club